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How to Apply Your Press ON Nails

One question I always get is how do put them on.. well i got you covered..

today we will go thru some sets to help you apply your press on nails and also get them to last long..

Today we will start with Prep.. This is one of the most important part of applying your nails.. think about it when you go to the nail salon before they do any nail application they prep the nail.. so you will do the same..

what is nail prep: nail prep is preparing the nail by removing shine, dust, cuticle , and dirt from the nail.. Nothing will stick to shine or sticky surface.

Step 1 : File your Natural nails down to a short even length ( you dont want to leave natural nails too long due to you have to much nail to glue to and my cause air bubbles) keeping them even will help even growing nails and will help stick much better

Step 2: Push Back your cuticles , nothing is going to stick to your cuticles this is one reason when you get acrylic nails that cause lifting.. and it will do the same with your press on nails if you dont push them back off the nail bed.. if you know how to remove them this is the best time to do that as well..

Step 3: Remove the shine.. now this is a step you dont want to ever forget.. if you dont do steps 1 and 2 this step is a must.. without this you are going to lose a nail or two.. this will not last long.. You are going to take you file and lightly go across your entire nail bed.. you want to remove and shine or cuticle that is left on nail bed.. next you will buff out nail for smooth service.. which is optional.

Step 4: We are ready to cleanse nails and prime.. another step that is very important for applying your press on nails. you want to now remove all that dust off the nails and make sure that all shine is removed by doing this we will be taking alcohol and cleanse the nails really good after that is when you apply nail bonder or primer.. you can use both for better hold..

Step 5: Now is time to get Pressed... yasss applying your press on nails.. once you receive your quality press on nails they are already in order from thumb to pinky.. so you should have no problem with knowing where to place your nails. but you do want to place the nails on first to measure just in case you need to switch up the nails..

*if you are using sticky tabs you can place tabs on back of each nail then peel off clear seal then apply them to nails pressing down each nail firmly for about 10 seconds.. repeat this step on all nails

*if you are using glue i recommend you add glue to both your nail and the back of press on nail so that you have enough glue.. then you would apply nail making sure its in the place you want it.. its no turning back once you press down.. press down firmly and hold for about 10 seconds pressing all sides down making sure there are no air bubbles..

For long lasting press on nails for up to two weeks i use sticky tabs and also glue.. yasss using both methods help your nails last longer.. perfect for vacations, events where you dont want to look down and a nail is gone.. trust me i know.. but using both will give you that hold like no other...

wearing your press on nails over a week does cause wear and tear.. the goal is to be able to reuse these nails over and over.. so proper storage after use is recommended..

I hope this was helpful for you all and look forward to more helpful blogs

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